The San Diego Sports Dietitian at H2O Nutrition is dedicated to promoting optimal nutritional practices and strategies for Life, Sports, and Fitness.

San Diego Sports Nutrition

Sports, fitness, and life are enhanced by optimal nutrition. The physiological and psychological demands of life, fitness, and sports vary throughout the lifecycle and meeting your nutritional needs becomes a challenge. The Registered Dietitians and Sports Dietitian at H2O Nutrition formulate optimal nutritional strategies and plans in response to your varying requirements for energy, fluid, and nutrients. The San Diego Sports Nutrition Experts at H2O Nutrition counsel athletes regarding food, sports nutrition diet and fluid choices to meet 100% of their nutritional needs through their various stages of life, sports, and fitness performance.

Sports Dietitians face complex situations with sports and physical active individuals and teams/groups. Addressing the unique needs of each situation and applying standards appropriately is essential to providing safe, timely, person centered quality care, online dietitian and nutrition services at H2O Nutrition. We educate and guide you to a deeper understanding of sports nutrition and dietetics and have the ability to modify and design nutrition strategies and protocols to meet the needs of our clients and groups/teams in all sports nutrition.

San Diego Sports Nutrition

H2O Nutrition emphasizes a healthy, happy, and oxygenated lifestyle to meet 100% of your nutritional and performance needs. As Sports Nutrition experts and coaches in food, nutrition, sports, and fitness throughout the lifecycle, it is our responsibility to define and support short term and long term health benefits for optimal living. We believe that uniquely tailoring your nutrient and lifestyle needs based on life phases, performance outcomes, competitions, and/or trainings, and will also improve your long-term health and well-being.

San Diego Sports Nutrition Care and Practice

At H2O Nutrition, LLC we are dedicated to promoting optimal life performance through nutritional practices and strategies that enhance lifelong health, fitness, and sports performance. We emphasize that you must spend as much time planning your nutritional programs as you do your training program. With sports nutrition you will be able to train longer and harder, delay the onset of fatigue, enhance performance, promote optimal recovery, and adapt to your hard work. Your nutrition supports your body so that you are able to perform at your highest level of performance. With nutrition you can manipulate body weight, body composition, improve metabolic efficiency, promote a healthy immune system, support physical periodization, enhance health, and improve performance.

As registered sports dietitian we address nutritional challenges and provide medical nutritional therapy to help manage or treat medical conditions, such as food allergies, bone mineral disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, iron depletion, and iron- deficiency anemia, as well as counseling on optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury. Team work is emphasized with Sports dietitians by coordinating nutritional care with a multidisciplinary sports medical/sports science team and collaborating with an individual’s family, physician, coach, and other health professional are all addressed.

H2O Nutrition can assist you in evaluating sports supplements and ergogenic aids. An ergogenic aid is a substance that claims to generate or improve work or capacity to exercise. All sorts of dietary supplements claim to make you faster, stronger, more energized and slimmer. Athletes train hard to reach their peak performance, so products that offer an edge can be enticing. But buyers beware. Several sports supplements have been the subject of well-controlled research studies and have supporting evidence for their use. However, research has also shown many sport supplement claims to be misleading or false. At H2O Nutrition we evaluate nutritional supplements, including herbal supplements, for legality, safety, quality, and efficacy. Effectiveness and safety do not have to be confirmed before supplements hit store shelves. Learn how to spot a fraud and where to find trustworthy information. We monitor use of appropriate supplementation.

Our Nutrition Team believes the key to optimal nutrition for physical activity is an individual and personalized approach and exercise nutrition. We develop strong relationships with our clients and teams and their success is our bottom line. Once an individual’s nutrient needs and goals are established, the Sports Nutrition Practitioner develops a plan that includes appropriate quantity, quality, and timing of food and fluid intake, and dietary supplements when appropriate. Daily occupation, sport/workout schedules demands, environmental factors, available resources, and sport and organization specific cultural influences are considered in the plan. Sports Dietitians are well versed in the demands of the task specific sport or occupational and positional requirements, environmental conditions, and other relevant issues. Additionally, the energy and nutrient needs change during the various phases of training, competition, and occupations schedule, and the Dietitians periodizes the individuals’ nutrition plan in accordance with each phase.

H2O Nutrition is the complete guide to sports nutrition. We provide nutritional strategies and practices for individuals and group/team on-site and during travel. At H2O Nutrition, we are committed to serve as a sports nutrition resource for coaches, teachers, trainers, food service personnel, and parents. As the Sports Nutrition Experts, our passion is to counsel individuals and groups on daily nutrition for performance and health.

Sport Specific Fueling Strategies and Hydration Protocols

Through individual nutritional counseling with Registered Dietitians and Sports Dietitians we will assess and analyze your dietary practices, body composition and your energy balance in relation to your sports nutrition and health goals. We will counsel you on optimal nutrition for exercise training by emphasizing the marriage of nutrition to exercise. Sports dietitians match nutrition to training phases and goals for competition, recovery from exercise, weight management, hydration, immunity, disordered eating, travel, and supplementation. We will cover carbohydrate, protein, and fat requirements, hydration, timing of meals and snacks to facilitate recovery and adequate fuel the athlete through games and practices. We will address concerns common to athletes diet plan.

At H2O Nutrition, Sport Specific Fueling Strategies are used with a great deal of science and technology. Our dietitian training promotes the fact that our nutritional care will be able to support your different energy expenditures seen year round and lifelong. Understanding a nutrition guide will be adjusted, the same way your physical training plans and exercise program changes because your nutrition for exercise should be changing to support your different athlete diet plan.

Our Hydration protocols are essential, hence the H2O Nutrition name. Sweat rate, fluid loss, and electrolyte loss during exercise vary among individuals. We customize fluid replacement plans and strategically recommended for individual athletes. Preventing heat illness in sports and fitness is a behind the scenes team or individual effort and H2O Nutrition is currently working with coaches, players, and athletic trainers by keeping you up to speed on hydration, diet for athletes, heat illness prevention, and acclimatization.

We counsel and recommend healthy diet for athletes and fitness enthusiasts on achieving and maintaining a level of body fat and muscle mass that is consistent with optimal health and performance. There are many factors that influence a specific body composition for an individual. We emphasize the primary factors to all our clients which include, type of sport or position the athlete participates, his or her body morphology or genetics, and, finally, social pressures. Less body fat is desirable in many sports, however; too little body fat is dangerous and can result in health problems and impairment of performance.

Our sports nutrition experts’ address personalized and team meal plans, athletic diet plan, hydration protocols, training tables, diet plan for athletes, and snack plan to achieve the specific goals addressed for athletic performance and good health. Training tables, grocery store tours, and food storage are arranged by the nutrition staff to educate proper food selection and food preparation. We serve as a sports nutrition resource for coaches, teachers, trainers, food service personnel, and parents and continue to develop resources to support educational efforts.

Sports Nutritional Care Plans at San Diego Sports Nutrition

The Nutrition Experts at H2O Nutrition assess, educate, and counsel nutrition for young athletes, nutrition for endurance athletes and active individuals. Dietitians design, implement, and manage safe and effective nutrition strategies and practices that enhance lifelong health, fitness, and optimal performance. With the nutrition support from H2O Nutrition, you will understand the concepts and goals of a Nutrition program. This consists of planning, developing, implementing, quantity and quality of food, nutrition tips for athletes and the nutritional timing of foods. As well as working on behavioral and environmental factors that may play a greater influence than some previous noted factors. Dietitians facilitate behavior change and promote problem solving, adaptation, and progression toward achieving nutritional goals that promote overall health and wellness. We plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate nutrition care for individuals and teams.