February 4, 2017

I definitely recommend Andrea to be your nutritionist. I initially contacted her as a referral from a great friend (who lost a significant amount of weight and body fat), so I was intrigued to find out what H20 nutrition was all about. Andrea set up a nutrition and work out plan that fit my needs and made me feel great about myself. She also recommended supplements that have made me feel healthy and have helped me to meet my goals. I was always confused by info I would read on the internet, or advice from others, so it has been great to get answers from a professional and create a plan that was specific to my needs.

I initially wanted help to ‘shed for the wedding’ which I have done by losing 12 lbs and 4% body fat so far! but it was really most importantly great to learn more about nutrition and what my body needs to be at it’s best. Andrea pushes you to meet your potential and makes you feel motivated to meet your goals.
Andrea did a great job of educating me about different do’s and don’t for nutrition and I feel like I am a better person for that.

Andrea is amazing and really great to work with. She makes you feel very comfortable and is a great listener. Andrea will help you to meet your nutrition and fitness needs whatever your unique situation. I am looking forward to continue to work with her in the future as I move on to new phases of life. ?