February 5, 2017

I’ve been working with Andrea from H2O Nutrition for a few months now and I am so excited to have her in my corner with me! From the very first appointment, she was just as excited as I was to help me achieve my goals…if you like having your own personal cheerleader, you’ll get that with her! She is wonderful at responding when you reach out and NEVER hesitates to answer in-depth to questions, phone calls, or emails. She has been incredibly receptive to merging my thoughts and ideas with her own to achieve balanced wellness that not only meets my nutritional goals but also furthers my training sessions. And Andrea wants to make sure your WHOLE body is well…she really takes the time to look at the big picture to better determine a plan of care that is tailored to YOU. Cookie cutter plans aren’t her style, so expect to answer a lot of questions about yourself.

I wanted to lose fat while also gaining lean muscle mass…this is tricky and can be a frustrating process (I know because I tried to do it without her help with almost no success) but Andrea had me on the right track in no time. Her suggestions are realistic, and work for me. She never asks me to do something that just won’t work for my lifestyle; she will however push you to go a little outside your comfort zone to reach your goals even faster. I am happy to report that I have dropped from 35% body fat to just 27%…and the pounds of fat just keep coming off while my performance in the gym is increasing. If you are struggling to put all the pieces together, Andrea is the professional for you. If you follow her advice, you WILL see results!