Andrea is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Sports Dietitian from San Diego, California to Boston, Massachusetts for H2O Nutrition, LLC. A Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), Andrea has served as a leader in enhancing sports and life performance through innovative fueling strategies for over 15 years. Her expertise encompasses performance nutrition, sports medical nutrition therapy, disordered eating counseling, and weight management. She also specializes in performance nutrition for professional, collegiate, and youth athletes, as well as physically active individuals and groups. Andrea applies the science and art of sports nutrition to fuel athletic performance within specific sports, fitness, and health. Andrea has the passion for helping clients learn to eat to enhance overall health and wellness.

With a background of sports and fitness since childhood, Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from San Diego State University (SDSU), Clinical Nutrition Internship from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Andrea has obtained premier-level professional clinical and sports nutrition credentials in the United States.

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“I was so excited to meet Andrea because she tailors a program around my body type. I started with training sessions and actually had fun getting my butt kicked! I’ve also been dealing with digestion problems, so I consulted with Andrea about making adjustments to my eating habits – she has already done more for me than any doctor has. Her recommendations were not only reasonable and well-informed, but following her advice has already changed the way I feel about my body. Andrea’s enthusiasm and positive attitude have been the best motivation – I can’t thank her enough!.”

“Andrea is awesome! I am a former college tennis player that has always enjoyed exercising, but really have not focused enough at all on my diet and eating the right foods. I’m in my early 30s now, and I really need a wake up call, and going to Andrea for advice and coaching on my nutrition was exactly what I needed. She is so positive, so encouraging, and so knowledgeable about what nutrition, exercise, supplements, you name it! I would recommend her to anyone looking to get themselves turned in the right direction with their health.”

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