February 4, 2017

Andrea is an amazing sports nutritionist. I’ve been active all my life, but never really happy with my eating habits during training. Andrea has helped me see food as fuel and is extremely knowledgeable about not only what works for me, but WHY it works. I’ve treated our sessions as a class on my body and it’s unique needs. In three months I’ve dropped over 2% body fat and, more importantly, have learned so much.

Andrea does an exceptional job of laying out her suggestions and explaining why she knows they will work. Between each of our sessions (about three weeks apart) she sets 3-5 manageable goals for me to work on. Then we follow up the next session and build on my knowledge base. In between sessions, Andrea is great at returning emails or texts and has even met me to refill my vitamins.

I’m almost halfway through my first set of sessions and I cannot wait to see Andrea for number five next week!