February 5, 2017

She singlehandedly made it so Spanx will not be necessary under my wedding dress. There’s no higher endorsement I could write than that! I wish I had known of her services back when I was struggling to diet on my own; since I’ve worked with her, I am not constantly worried that I’m dieting incorrectly, causing long-term metabolic damage or setting myself up for vitamin deficiency.

Speaking as someone in healthcare, I don’t think that many people are aware that dietitians have much more rigorous and lengthy training than nutritionists, and that dietitian internships are fiercely competitive. She is a dietitian (and a Harvard-trained one at that.) I have yet to ask her a question for which she does not have a comprehensive and evidence-based answer. I intend to continue working with her after the wedding so that I can shift my focus to sports nutrition.